UC Santa Barbara Economics

Job Market

Job Market candidates will be posted October 15th.

Placement Officer:
Prof. Zack Grossman
(805) 893-4402

* denotes focus of study

candidate job-Market Paper fields of study advisor(s)
Ross Mohr
Sustaining Full Cooperation in an International Environmental Agreement through Learning and R&D Environmental Economics, Public Goods Charles D. Kolstad
(805) 893‑7309
Ashwin Rode
Rent-seeking over Tradable Emission Permits: Theory and Evidence Environmental and Resource Economics, Econometrics Robert T. Deacon
(805) 893‑3670
Douglas G. Steigerwald
(805) 893‑3151
Daniel Saunders
Noisy Best Response in Coordination Games Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Game Theory Zack Grossman
(805) 893‑4402
Mathurin Some
Africa’s Wars of Liberation: Impact and Economic Recovery Mathematical and Statistical Methods, Macroeconomics Development Javier Birchenall
(805) 893‑5275
Jesse Zinn
Modelling Biased Judgement with Weighted Updating Behavioral Economics, Macroeconomics, Public Finance, History and Methodology of Economics Gary Charness
(805) 893‑2412