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2015 ↑back to top

Ryan Abman
Assistant Professor of Economics
San Diego State University
Zachary Bethune
Assistant Professor
University of Virginia
Stefanie Fischer
Assistant Professor
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo - Orfalea College of Business
Gregory Leo
Assistant Professor
Vanderbilt University
Steve Miller
Assistant Professor - Environmental and Resource Economics
University of Minnesota
Thomas Zimmerfaust

2014 ↑back to top

Daniel Argyle
United States Department of Justice - Economics Analysis Group
Eric Edwards
Assistant Professor of Applied Economics
Utah State University
Kellie Forrester
Assistant Professor
California State Polytechnic University Pomona
Jennifer Milosch
Assistant Professor
California State University, Sacramento
Ross Mohr
Clinical Assistant Professor
Chapman University
Ashwin Rhode
Post-Doctoral Researcher
University of Chicago
Hrishikesh Singhania
Assistant Professor
University of Exeter
Rebecca Toseland
Concentration Advisor
Harvard University
Allison Witman
Research Economist
Kevin Welding
Visiting Lectuer
University of Colorado at Denver

2013 ↑back to top

Elizabeth Asche
Department of Homeland Security
James Green-Armytage
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics
Bard College
Katherine Grooms
Southwestern University
Julian Neira
Assistant Professor
University of Exeter
Kevin Schnepel
Assistant Professor
University of Sydney
Kirk Lesh
Senior Economist/Instructor (School of Management)
California Lutheran University
Wei Sun
Research Fellow at the Risk Management Institute
National University of Singapore
Miguel Delgado Helleseter
Mathurin Some
Senior Quantitative Risk Analyst
Jesse Zinn
Assistant Professor
Clayton State University

2012 ↑back to top

Rachel Moore
email Rachel  www
U.S. Congress Joint Committee for Taxation
Ernest Boffy-Ramirez
email Ernest  www
Visiting Professor of Economics
University of Colorado - Denver
Christopher Guo
email Christopher 
Associate Economist
RAND Corporation

2011 ↑back to top

Laura Grant
email Laura  www
Department of Economics and UWM School for Freshwater Science
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Till Gross
email Till  www  www
Assistant Professor
Carleton University - Department of Economics
Cameron Kaplan
email Cameron  www
Postdoctoral Associate
University of Pittsburgh – Department of Health Policy and Management
Erin Kaplan
email Erin  www
University of Pittsburgh – Department of Economics
Jennifer Schulte
email Jennifer
Research Analyst
CNA Corporation
Stephane Verani
email Stephane  www
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

2010 ↑back to top

Corbett Grainger
email Corbett  www
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin - Madison (Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics)
Grant Jacobsen
email Grant  www
Assistant Professor
University of Oregon - Department of Planning, Public Policy, and Management
Bree Lang
email Bree  www
Assistant Professor
Xavier University
Matthew Lang
email Matthew  www
Assistant Professor
Xavier University
Munpyung O
email Munpyung  www
Assistant Professor
University of Akron - Department of Economics and Department of Statistics (joint appointment)
Joao Sobraldorosario
email Joao  www
Clinical Assistant Professor
Arizona State University - W.P. Carey School of Business

2009 ↑back to top

Belinda Acuna
email Belinda
Staff Fellow
FDA - Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition
Elizabeth Ashley
email Elizabeth  www
FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
Cynthia (Cindy) Benelli
email Cynthia  www
University of California - Santa Barbara
Gregory DeAngelo
email Gregory  www
Assistant Professor
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Christopher Erb
Federal Communications Commission
Benjamin Hansen
email Benjamin  www
University of Oregon - Department of Economics
Rosemarie Lavaty
email Rosemarie  www
Staff Fellow (Economist)
FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
Nellie Lew
email Nellie  www
Staff Fellow (Economist)
FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
Armando Lopez-Velasco
email Armando  www
Visiting Professor
Colorado College - Department of Economics and Business
Hani Mansour
email Hani  www
Assistant Professor
University of Colorado – Denver
Darius Martin
email Darius  www
Assistant Professor
American University of Beirut
Ishita Nandi
email Ishita  www
Full-Time Economics Faculty
Oakland Community College, Orchard Ridge Campus, Department of Accounting, Business and Law
Dominic Parker
email Dominic  www
Assistant Professor
Montana State University - Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics

2008 ↑back to top

Brianna Briggs
email Brianna  www
Senior Economist
Robert D. Niehaus, Inc.
Nicholas Burger
email Nicholas  www
Associate Economist
RAND Corporation
Insook Cho
email Insook
Assistant Professor
Yonsei University - (College of Government and Business)
Xiaojuan (Grace) Hu
email Xiaojuan
Assistant Professor
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics - School of Economics
Niklas Hunter
email Niklas  www
Associate Professor
California State University, Channel Islands - Department of Economics
Takuya Kawanishi
email Takuya
Visiting Research Associate
Waseda University - Graduate School of Law
Bryan Lim
email Bryan  www
University of Melbourne - Department of Finance
John Lynham
email John  www
Assistant Professor
University of Hawaii (tenure track faculty position)
Eric Matolo
email James  www
Senior Economist
Nathan Associates
Damien Sheehan-Connor
email Damien  www
Assistant Professor
Wesleyan University – Connecticut

2007 ↑back to top

Wei Cui
Assistant Professor
Peking University - School of Economics
Francisco Azeredo
email Francisco
Senior Economist
Law and Economics Consulting Group (LECG, LLC)
Elizabeth Dhuey
email Elizabeth  www
Assistant Professor in the Division of Management
University of Toronto - Centre for Industrial Relations & Human Resources
John Hartman
email John  www
Post Doctoral Scholar/Lecturer
University of California, Santa Barbara - Department of Economics
Stephen Lipscomb
email Stephen  www
Research Fellow
Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC)
Wan-Ru Yang
email Wan-Ru  www
Assistant Professor
National University of Kaoshiung - Department of Finance
Yongli Zhang
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)
Central University of Finance and Economics - China Economics and Management Academy
Alok Khare
Law and Economics Consulting Group (LECG, LLC)
James Nachbaur
email James  www
Legislative Analyst’s Office, California State Legislature
Oddgeir Ottesen
email Oddgeir  www
Adjunct Professor
Reykjavik University - School of Business
Huseyin Ozbilgin
Real Estate Economist
Turkish Central Bank
Ying Sun (Tombler)
email Ying
Assistant Professor
Felician College - School of Business

2006 ↑back to top

Bevin Ashenmiller
email Bevin  www
Occidental College
Jennifer Brown
email Jennifer  www
Assistant Professor
Eastern Connecticut State University
Department of Economics
Donghun Cho
email Donghun
Research Fellow
Korea Labor Institute
Douglas Herman
email Douglas
Federal Trade Comission
Bureau Of Economics
Paul Niemann
Rate Analyst
Department of Health Policy and Financing
State of Colorado
Byung-Dong Seo
email Byung-Dong
Economic and Financial Modeling Analyst
DFA Capital Management
Patricia Silva
email Patricia
Assistant Research Professor
Department Of Economics
University Of Cophenagen

2005 ↑back to top

Ekaterina Chernobai
Assistant Professor
California State University, Pomona
Taeil Kang
Korea Customs Service
Fernando Lozano
email web
Dept. Of Economics
Pomona College
Catherine Norman
email Catherine  www
Asstistant Professor
John Hopkins University

2004 ↑back to top

Apollo Lupescu
email Apollo  www
Regional Director
Regional Fund Advisors

2003 ↑back to top

Dominick Esposito
email Dominick
Researcher Affiliate
Mathematica Policy Research, Inc
James Grefer
email James
Research Analyst
Center For Naval Analyses (cna)

2002 ↑back to top

Jin-su Park
email Jin-su
Brussels Representative
Bank Of Korea
Jongsur Park
email Jongsur
Kt (korea Telecom)
Christopher Plantier
email Christopher
International Economist
Global Economics Group
U.s. Department Of Treasury
Trent Smith
email Trent  www
Senior Lecturer
Department of Economics
Uinversity of Otago
Chris Stoddard
Assistant Professor
Montanta State University

2001 ↑back to top

Greg Hunter
email Greg  www
Associate Professor
Cal Poly Pomona

2000 ↑back to top

Edmund Balsdon
email Edmund  www
Associate Professor
Department Of Economics
San Diego State University
Kevin Mckinney
email Kevin
Us Census Bureau

1999 ↑back to top

Leslie Hull
email Leslie
International Economist
U.s. Treasury Department
Der-yuan Yang
email Der-yuan  www
Associate Professor
Department Of Financial Operation Of National Kaohsiung
First University Of Science And Technology

1998 ↑back to top

Jin H. Kim
email Jin H.
College Of Economics
dankook University

1997 ↑back to top

Yueyun (bill) Chen
email Yueyun (bill)
Chair And Professor
Department Of Business Administration
University Of The West
Mike Denning
email Mike
Ernst & Young Llp [irvine Branch]

1996 ↑back to top

Daraius Irani
email Daraius  www
Associate Vice President, DECO
Director, Regional Economic Studies Institute
Towson University

1995 ↑back to top

Eric Brunerr
email Eric  www
Department Of Economics
Quinnipiac University
Aarne Dimanlig
email Aarne
Chief Risk Officer
Credit Guarantee & Investment Facility
Asian Development Bank
Derek Trunkey
email Derek
Principal Analyst
Congressional Budget Office

1993 ↑back to top

David Bieneman
email David
Aurora, IL
Eric Eide
email Eric  www
Associate Professor
Department Of Economics
Brigham Young University
Jeong Kee Hong
email Jeong Kee
Nrl Expert On Disability
Population And Social Integration Section/emerging Social Issues Divison
John Nagy
email John
Executive Director
Ernst & Young Llp

1992 ↑back to top

Todd Jewell
email Todd  www
Associate Professor
Depart Of Economics
University Of North Texas
John Stranlund
email John  www
Department Of Resource Economics
University Of Massachesetts-amherst

1991 ↑back to top

Robert Brown
email Robert
Department Of Economics
California State University, San Marcos
Andrew Narwold
email Andrew
School Of Business Administration
University Of San Diego
Raymundo Rodriguez
email Raymundo
Department Of Economics
Instituto Tecnologico Y De Estudias Superiores De Monterrey

1990 ↑back to top

Peter Griffin
email Peter
Ernsty & Young, Llp
Lee Rivers Mobley
email Lee Rivers
Senior Economist And Research Fellow
Division For Public Health And Environment
rti Internation (research Triangle Institute)

1989 ↑back to top

Philip Ganderton
email Philip  www
Professor And Chair Of Department Of Economics
Director Of Undergraduate Ba/md Program
Nathan Hampton
email Nathan
Associate Professor Of Economics
St. Cloud State University
Chan-guk Huh
email Chan-guk
Senior Fellow
Director Of Economic Research
Korea Economic Research Institute

1988 ↑back to top

Sean Collins
email Sean
Industry And Financial Analysis
Investment Company Institute
Larry Singell
email Larry  www
University Of Oregon

1987 ↑back to top

Michael Woolley
email Michael
Global Health Economics
Amgen Inc.

1985 ↑back to top

Parantap Basu
email Parantap  www
Professor Of Economics
Durham University
Kevin Salyer
email Kevin
Uc Davis

1983 ↑back to top

Nurhan Davutyan
email Nurhan  www
Marmara University

1982 ↑back to top

Phillip Fanchon
email Phillip
Professor Of Economics
California Polytechnic State University
Thomas Hall
email Thomas  www
Emeritus Professor
Miami University
Steve Parsons
email Steve
parsons Applied Economics
Raymond Sfeir
email Raymond
Vice Chancellor
Chapman University

1979 ↑back to top

Manuel Olave
email Manuel
Universidad Privada Boliviana

1978 ↑back to top

Geir Asheim
email Geir
Professor Of Economics
Department Of Economics
University Of Oslo

1977 ↑back to top

Alden Shiers
email Alden
Emeritus Professor
Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo
Paul Spindt
email Paul  www
Keehn Berry Chair In Banking And Finance
A.b. School Of Business
Tulane University

1976 ↑back to top

Steve Braithwait
email Steve
Vice President
Christensen Associates Energy Consulting
Stephen Haynes
email Stephen
Professor Of Economics
Associate Department Head
University Of Oregon
William Lee
email William
Department Of Economics
Saint Mary's College

1974 ↑back to top

Anthony Barkume
email Anthony
Research Economist
U.s. Bureau Of Labor Statistics

1972 ↑back to top

Anthony M. Marino
email Anthony M.  www
Department Of Finance And Business Economics
USC Marshall School Of Business

1971 ↑back to top

Richard Eastin
email Richard
Assoc. Prof. Of Finance And Business Economics
USC Marshall School Of Business

1967 ↑back to top

William Hosek
email William
Emeritus Professor And Dean
California State University, Northridge