UC Santa Barbara Economics

    UCSB Ranked Third in Nation for Environmental Economics and Sixth in Experimental Economics

    In a report released in January 2010, two programs in economics at UC Santa Barbara are ranked in the top ten among those at all universities in the United States. Our program in Environmental Economics ranks third in the nation, while our program in Experimental Economics is ranked number six in the nation. In addition to those in the top ten, our Behavioral Economics program ranks number twelve.

    The report is a joint product of the University of Connecticut and Research Papers in Economics is a volunteer-driven initiative to create a public-access database that promotes scholarly communication in economics and related disciplines. To determine the order, RePEc (http://repec.org/)  computed 31 different rankings according to 31 different criteria. They then remove the best and the worst and aggregate the results using a harmonic mean of the rank orders.

    Experimental Econ ranking of US universities:

    1. Chicago
    2. UCSD
    3. Chapman University
    4. Harvard
    5. NYU
    6. UCSB

    Environmental Econ ranking of US universities:

    1. MIT
    2. Harvard
    3. UCSB

    Cognitive and Behavioral Economics

    1. Chicago
    2. Chapman University
    3. UCB
    4. UCSD
    5. George Mason
    6. NYU
    7. Wharton
    8. Brown
    9. Columbia
    10. Harvard
    11. CMU
    12. UCSB