Working Papers

  • Every Breath You Take -- Every Dollar You'll Make: The Long-Term Consequences of the Clean Air Act of 1970
    Joint with Adam Isen and Reed Walker.
    Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Political Economy.
    Also available as: NBER Working Paper No. 19858.

    -- Press coverage: The Economist (blog),

  • Signing Up New Fathers: Do Paternity Establishment Initiatives Increase Marriage, Parental Investment, and Child Well-Being?

  • Do Insurers Risk-Select Against Each Other? Evidence from Medicaid and Implications for Health Reform
    Joint with Ilyana Kuziemko and Katherine Meckel.
    Also available as: NBER Working Paper No. 19198.

  • Parental Responses to Child Support Obligations: Causal Evidence from Administrative Data
    Joint with Miriam Wüst.

  • Family Ruptures and Intergenerational Transmission of Stress
    Joint with Petra Persson.

  • Early-Life Origins of Lifecycle Wellbeing: Research and Policy Implications
    Joint with Janet Currie.
    Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

  • Promoting Health in Early Childhood
    Prepared for: Future of Children, Policies to Promote Child Health, forthcoming in Spring 2015.


  • Paternity Acknowledgement in 2 Million Birth Records from Michigan
    Joint with Doug Almond.
    PLoS ONE, 8(7): e70042, July 2013.

  • WIC in Your Neighborhood: New Evidence on the Impacts of Geographic Access to Clinics,
    Journal of Public Economics, 102: 51-69, June 2013.

  • The Effects of California's Paid Family Leave Program on Mothers' Leave-Taking and Subsequent Labor Market Outcomes
    Joint with Christopher Ruhm and Jane Waldfogel.
    Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 32(2): 224-245, Spring 2013. Also available as: NBER Working Paper No. 17715.

    -- Press coverage: New York Times (1)
    , New York Times (2)

  • Weathering the Storm: Hurricanes and Birth Outcomes
    Joint with Janet Currie.
    Journal of Health Economics, 32(3): 487-503, February 2013.
    Also available as: NBER Working Paper No. 18070.

    -- Press coverage: The Atlantic

  • The Effects of Maternity Leave on Children's Birth and Infant Health Outcomes in the United States
    Journal of Health Economics, 30(2): 221-239, March 2011 (Published under name: Maya Rossin).


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