selected papers [all papers]

[2014] “Survival Versus Profit Maximization in a Dynamic Stochastic Experiment,” Forthcoming, Econometrica. [pdf]

[2012] “A Continuous Dilemma,” with Daniel Friedman. American Economic Review, 102:1, 337-363. [pdf][appdx][data]

[2011] “Separating the Hawks from the Doves: Evidence from Continuous Time Laboratory Games,” with Keith Henwood and Daniel Friedman. Journal of Economic Theory , 146:6, 2206-2225. [pdf]

[2011] “Extreme Walrasian Dynamics: The Gale Example in the Lab,” with Sean Crockett and Charlie Plott. American Economic Review. 101:7, 3196-3220. [pdf][appdx][data]

[2010] “Preemption Games: Theory and Experiment,”with Daniel Friedman and Steven Anderson. American Economic Review, 100:4, 1778-1803. [pdf][appdx][data]

[2009] “Learning to Wait: A Laboratory Investigation,”with Daniel Friedman and Steven Anderson. Review of Economic Studies, 76:3, 1103-1124. [pdf][data]

working papers

Time and State Dependence in an Ss Decision Experiment,Revise and Resubmit, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, with Aspen Gorry and Jacopo Magnani. [pdf]

From Imitation to Collusion: Long-run Learning in a Low-Information Environment,” Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Economic Theory, with Steffen Huck, Daniel Friedman and Simon Weidenholzer. [pdf]

Continuous Time and Communication in a Public-goods Experiment,” Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, with Gary Charness and Daniel Friedman. [pdf]

In the Long Run We All Trade: Reference Dependence in Dynamic Economies,” with Sean Crockett. [pdf]

Edgeworth Cycles in Discrete and Continuous Time,” with PJ Healy and Matt Lewis. [soon]

Testing the Theory of Continuous Time Games,” with Evan Calford. [soon]