Losing Work, Moving On: Worker Displacement in International Perspective:

Contents and Foreword

Chapter One: P. Kuhn. "Summary and Synthesis".

Chapter Two: Jaap Abbring, Gerard van den Berg, and Pieter A. Gautier (Free University of Amsterdam), A. Gijsbert and C. van Lomwel (Tilburg University) and Chris Ruhm (University of North Carolina-Greensboro) "Worker Displacement in the US and the Netherlands"

Chapter Three: Masahiro Abe (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo), Yoshio Higuchi (Keio University), Masao Nakamura (UBC), Peter Kuhn (UCSB), and Arthur Sweetman (Queen's University) "Worker Displacement in Japan and Canada"

Chapter Four: Jeff Borland (Australian National University), Paul Gregg (LSE), Genevieve Knight (LSE) and Jonathan Wadsworth (LSE/RHNBC),
"Worker Displacement in Australia and Britain"

Chapter Five: Stephen Bender (Institute für Arbeitsmarkt und Berufsforschung), Christian Dustmann (University College London), David Margolis (Université de Paris I) and Costas Meghir (University College London) "Worker Displacement in France and Germany"

Chapter Six: Karsten Albæk (University of Copenhagen), Martin Browning (McMaster University and Copenhagen), and Marc van Audenrode (Université Laval)
"Worker Displacement in Belgium and Denmark"