Dissertation Defense: “Essays in Experimental and Applied Microeconomics" Maria Kogelnik

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Maria Kogelnik, UC Santa Barbara


Maria is a PhD Candidate in Economics at UC Santa Barbara, with research interests in experimental/behavioral economics and applied microeconomics. She is excited to join CREED at the University of Amsterdam as a postdoctoral researcher in September 2022.


  • Performance Feedback and Gender Differences in Persistence [pdf] - November 2021, currently being revised.
  • Holiday, Just One Day Out of Life: Birth Timing and Post-natal Outcomes [NBER WP #27346] (with Mireille Jacobson
  • and Heather Royer) [Press: The Economist] - Journal of Labor Economics, 2021.
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You: An Experiment on Mutual Payoff Information and Strategic Uncertainty [SSRN WP] (with
  • Hazem Alshaikhmubarak, David Hales, Molly Schwarz, and Kent Strauss) - February 2022.
  • The Employment Consequences of Construction Boom-Bust Cycles (with Florian Hoffmann, Thomas Lemieux, and
  • Mirko Titze) - Draft in progress.
  • Experimentally Identifying Self-serving Mental Models - Pilot completed.

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Join us to hear Maria’s Dissertation Defense. She will be defending her dissertation, "Essays in Experimental and Applied Microeconomics." To access a copy of the dissertation, you must have an active UCSB NetID and password.

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