2021-2022 PhD Job Market Candidates

Thank you for visiting the Department of Economics placement page. Its purpose is to give interested institutions a preview of our PhD candidates who are available for employment.

Economics PhD alumni who are re-entering the job market and interested in using the Departmental job market services should contact Mark Patterson for more information.

Current Job Market Candidates

 Placement Officer

Assistant Professor of Economics
Portrait Candidate Research Areas Advisor(s) Job Market Paper
Photo of Antoine Deeb

Antoine Deeb

PhD Candidate

North Hall ​2051
Applied, Econometrics, Education Economics, Labor Economics Douglas Steigerwald, Peter Kuhn
Photo of Hongyuan Jin

Hongyuan Jin

PhD Candidate

North Hall ​2021
Development Economics, Immigration, Education Javier Birchenall
Photo of Maria Kogelnik

Maria Kogelnik

PhD Candidate

North Hall ​2041
Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Applied Microeconomics (Labor, Health) Ryan Oprea
Jaime Ramirez Cuellar

Jaime Ramirez-Cuellar

PhD Candidate

North Hall 2019
Econometrics, Labor Economics Dick Startz
Photo of Emily Robertson

Emily Robertson

PhD Candidate

North Hall ​2039
Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics, Econometrics Andrew Plantinga
Photo of Ryan Sherrard

Ryan Sherrard

PhD Candidate

North Hall ​2043
Labor Economics, Economics of Crime, Applied Econometrics, Economics of Discrimination Douglas Steigerwald, Peter Kuhn
Photo of Richard Uhrig

Richard Uhrig

PhD Candidate

North Hall 2043
Labor Economics, Education Economics, Economic History Kelly Bedard
Photo of Shuo Zhang

Shuo Zhang

PhD Candidate

North Hall 3020
Labor Economics, Behavioral Economics, Applied Econometrics Peter Kuhn
Photo of Sarah Bana

Sarah Bana

PhD Alumnus

Labor Economics, Information Systems Peter Kuhn