2022-2023 PhD Job Market Candidates

Thank you for visiting the Department of Economics placement page. Its purpose is to give interested institutions a preview of our PhD candidates who are available for employment.

Economics PhD alumni who are re-entering the job market and interested in using the Departmental job market services should contact Mark Patterson for more information.

Information on this year’s Job Market Candidates will be posted soon.

Current Job Market Candidates

 Placement Officer

Department Chair
Professor of Economics
Alec P. Alexander Chair of Economics
Faculty Diversity Officer
Portrait Candidate Research Areas Advisor(s) Job Market Paper

Ken Bao

PhD Candidate

North Hall 2045
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Christopher Costello

Matthew Fitzgerald

PhD Candidate

North Hall 2048
Labor Economics, Housing Economics, Econometrics Peter Rupert

Alberto Garcia

EES PhD Candidate

Bren Hall 3031
Environmental and Resource Economics Robert Heilmayr

Jacob Gellman

EES PhD Candidate

Bren Hall ​3031
Environmental and Resource Economics Andrew Plantinga

Woongchan Jeon

PhD Candidate

North Hall ​2015
Environmental and Resource Economics, Macroeconomics, Public Economics Peter Rupert

Jahyeon Koo

PhD Candidate

North Hall ​2015
Demographic Economics, Economics of Education, Labor Economics Shelly Lundberg

Christopher Malloy

PhD Candidate

North Hall ​2015
Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, Public Economics, Law and Economics Olivier Deschenes

Trevor Osaki

PhD Candidate

North Hall ​2045
Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Public Economics Kelly Bedard

J. Lucas Reddinger

PhD Alumni

Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Applied Microeconomic Theory (Decision Theory), Labor Economics, Health Economics Gary Charness
Photo of Emily Robertson

Emily Robertson

PhD Candidate

North Hall ​3020
Environmental Economics, Urban Economics Andrew Plantinga

Sarah Robinson

PhD Candidate

North Hall 2015
Health Economics, Public Economics Heather Royer

Molly Schwarz

PhD Candidate

North Hall 2048
Labor Economics, Education, Health Kelly Bedard

Vincent Thivierge

EES PhD Candidate

Environmental and Energy economics, Public Economics Kyle Meng
Photo of Guangli Zhang

Guangli Zhang

PhD Alumni

North Hall ​3045
Household Finance, Public Economics, Labor Economics, Experimental Economics Emanuel Vespa, Peter Kuhn